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01 April 2020

Westcountry Mussels on The Good Cook

In the BBC Television show, ‘The Good Cook’, Award-winning food writer Simon Hopkinson shares his passion and expertise as he creates truly delicious meals. Drawing on his years of professional experience, Simon shows how food fit for a restaurant table can be made at home.

In a recent episode, Simon shares his love for sour dough bread and mussels. The episode features footage of our Mussel Farm in the River Fal, located near the King Harry Ferry.


It’s a great clip – but if you want to skip to the bit about us, go to about 14 minutes into the video! We’re sorry, we’re only allowed to link to it instead of plating it here. Boo, BBC! However, we are allowed to show you his recipe for Mussels with spinach and Pastis: