A New Dawn in Musselfarming.

After 25 years farming mussels in the estuaries we felt it was time for a change. The ever decreasing water quality of the estuaries in the UK meant that we needed to do something different. Three years ago we set up our new offshore farm – yep it takes that long to get the site up and running and the mussels up to size.

The site we chose was St Austell Bay in Cornwall, selecting this site was thought by many local fishermen to be madness due to its exposed nature with huge waves, especially this year. We were told it would be destroyed but we felt we had no choice if our business was to have a future.

The gamble paid off, we have had the biggest storms in living memory and we are still here with the cleanest water in the country, the biggest meats we have ever seen and clean, black shells that we could only have dreamt of when farming in the rivers.